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Air Cargo is Big Business
Air cargo is now a $60 billion plus industry in an airline industry with over $700 billion in annual revenues.
yellow arrow During the next 20 years, cargo traffic is expected to more than triple, out-pacing passenger traffic and offering airlines more opportunities to generate new revenue.
Many global airlines generate over 30% of their revenue from air cargo.
yellow arrow The new air cargo world, uses both dedicated freighters as well as passenger bellies in an almost 50/50 split.
The cargo business model and business cycle is very different and distinct from the passenger model, even though they often use the same aircraft.
yellow arrow Air cargo is rapidly evolving into a highly specialized business with its own set of rules which are very different from those of the passenger carriers.
The air cargo business is rapidly moving away from “general cargo” in to highly specialized cargo product verticals, each with its own scientific base.
yellow arrow This new “specialization” will transform air cargo into a “dedicated business” requiring a whole new science and a different set of rules to be built around it.
yellow arrow Traditional suppliers to the air cargo business will need to re-define their business offerings and create new performance standards for this “stand alone” business.
yellow arrow The new air cargo professional will need to become a “specialist” rather than a “generalist”, as the global air cargo industry moves away from the mass market into highly concentrated “micro markets”
AIRCARGOPEDIA, www.aircargopedia.com, is intended to be a highly specialized e-platform driving this change, showcasing the product and service offerings of “game-changing” vendors all over the world. At the same time, through this site we intend to build highly researched pages on each and every subject connected to air cargo operations, featuring top quality editorial, along with the offerings of vendors in that space.

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bullet AmeriCargo Meet 2015 on August 23-25 at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, USA
bullet FlyPharma Conference 2015: Integrating the Pharma Supply Chain on 9 - 10 September at London Heathrow 10
bullet 10th Southern Asia Ports, Logistics & Shipping 2015 at Mumbai, India on 17 and 18 Sept 2015
bullet The ULD Regulatory Forum is to be held 29-30/SEP in Montreal.
bullet 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place October 4-7 in Long Beach, CA.
bullet Freighters and Belly Cargo World Conference at Park Hyatt Hotel, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE on 18 – 20 October 2015
bullet Air Cargo Forum & Exhibition at Paris, France on Oct 26-28
more events >
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