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A330-200F Freighter Brochure
- Airbus

yellow square Mid-sized freighters at the core of market demand

With a requirement for over 2,300 dedicated freighters over the next 20 years mid-sized freighters remain at the core of the market. The A330-200F is capable of serving efficiently big airports such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Frankfurt, while allowing profitable operations on secondary but high yield routes where the capacity of larger freighters wouldn’t make sense.

The airlines that operate the A330-200F mid-sized freighters are properly geared to match capacity with demand on all markets without relying solely on trunk routes. The A330-200F represents an ideal replacement for old generation freighters, and it also provides airlines with an efficient solution to complement larger freighters and belly cargo. It is the ideal asset to optimise cargo market coverage in today’s business environment.

Airbus A330 img

yellow square Our answer to today’s market needs

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive family of airliners on the market. Based on the highly successful A330-200, the A330-200F is the only new mid-sized, long-haul freighter. This flexible and technologically advanced aircraft builds on Airbus’ successful experience in the regional freighter market and benefits from the experience of over 1,000 in-service A330s.

The A330-200F has payload, range and economics superior to previous generation freighters, carrying 70 tonnes with a range up to 4,000nm / 7,400km. As the most efficient, profitable and reliable freighter of its generation, the A330-200F provides similar unit costs compared to larger freighters.

Its versatile main deck accommodates standard industry pallets and containers, but also enables to carry oversized cargo with 16ft/20ft pallets. With the A330-200F you can be sure that your temperature or time sensitive goods are transported in optimal conditions. It will support you every day to deliver the highest quality of services to your customers.

A330-200F — The right freighter, right now!

Airbus A330 img

yellow square Part of a winning family

The A330 remains the preferred choice for over 100 airlines worldwide that benefit from its proven and unrivalled low operating costs. Derived from the A330 jetliner family, the A330-200F is a new-generation purpose-built freighter that adapts the proven technologies of the passenger variant to the needs of cargo operations.

Airbus A330 img

yellow square Benefit from full operational commonality

The A330-200F features a common flight deck with the A330 passenger variant and virtually identical flying qualities with the A320, A340, A350XWB and A380 Families. Today airlines are benefitting from significant savings through reduced training requirements and a common pool of pilots. For a pilot already qualified on the passenger variant, only computer-based training is required in transitioning to the all-cargo version.

Airbus A330 img

yellow square Proven, excellent in-service reliability

A330-200F freighters operate worldwide. In day to day operations the aircraft flies between 350 and 400 hours per month, which is equivalent to large freighters. These are high figures in light of the industry average and they underline the excellent reliability of the A330-200F since its entry into service — current dispatch reliability reaches 99.5%.

yellow square The cost efficient freighter

In today’s market larger freighters struggle to gather sufficient payload to reach profitability, resulting in more risk and lower frequencies. The A330-200F was launched to answer the need for efficient, mid-size aircraft that could be operated on thinner or frequency driven markets with economics equivalent to those of larger freighters. For example, at 70 tonnes, the A330-200F cost per tonne is 35 % lower than that of a larger freighter. Fuel-efficient technologies, flexible cargo configurations and optimised load factors make the A330-200F a highly cost-efficient freighter.

yellow square Your ideal partner to cope with imbalanced cargo flows

Freight flies only one way, leading to flow imbalances with differences in loads and yields for out-bound and in-bound services. These imbalances can have a dramatic impact if low loads are combined with low yields. Hence, the larger the aircraft the deeper is the loss on the ‘weak’ leg. With its competitive economics, the A330-200F is your ideal partner for imbalanced markets.

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yellow square A330-200F - The right freighter, right now!


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