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European Aviation Security Validation
- Aeroserve AB Sweden

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About us

Aeroserve AB is a privately owned company specialized in aviation security and quality control.

With more than 25 years experience in the aviation and particularly the air cargo business, we know how important it is to ensure a good quality in all aspects of the business to be able to provide a safe and secure operation.

Aeroserve is working together with other Aviation Security Independent Validators under the name “ACC3 Validators”. The group cooperates to support customers better with preparation, consulting and training as well as the actual validation.

yellow square Management

Managing Director - Christina Standar

Christina is an accredited EU ACC3 Aviation Security Independent Validator as well as an Aviation Security Auditor.

She has long experience in the air cargo business both in Europe and outside. Her previous employment was as Nordic

Operations Manager for Air France, KLM and Martinair Cargo.
Aeroserve-Christina Standar

yellow square Our Products and Services

EU ACC3 Validations

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Aeroserve will be able to help you with EU Aviation Security Validations for ACC3, RA3 and KC3. We will also assist with pre-validations,
gap-analysis and consultancy related to the ACC3 regulation.

Aviation Security Audits

We do aviation security audits at airports, terminals and ground according to ICAO Annex 17.
Pre-audits, gap-analysis and consulting related to aviation security, your security program, staff training, how to build control processes and checklists.

Quality Control and Security Training

Aeroserve will help you to monitor the quality of your aviation suppliers based on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
This will be done through performance reviews and supplier surveys. We are currently developing e-courses for security training on various levels.

yellow square ACC3 - What is it?

ACC3 is an air cargo or mail carrier that has been designated by a European Union (EU) member state to carry cargo or mail into or through the EU from a third country airport.

The ACC3 requirements are waived for some origins with an established low risk, as identified through an EU risk assessment.
From July 1st, 2014 the regulation requires all air cargo and mail carriers operating into the EU from a third country airport to have passed an EU Aviation Security Validation to keep their ACC3 status and be permitted to continue to fly cargo or mail into the EU.

ACC3s must ensure that all cargo and mail carried to the EU is physically screened or comes from a secure supply chain which is EU aviation
security validated. Also from July 1st 2014, screening needs to be performed according to EU standards.

The ACC3 designation is valid for a maximum of 5 years.

yellow square What happens if the air carrier does not comply?

If the air carrier does not comply with these requirements or fails the validation, it will not be designated as ACC3 by the appropriate authorities in the EU and will subsequently not be allowed to fly cargo or mail into the Union.

yellow square Secure Supply Chain (RA3, KC3)

Trucker Shipper Forwarder GHA

In a secure supply chain individual members perform security controls and protect secured consignments from unlawful interference throughout their journey. Potential actors in the secure supply chain are account consignors or known consignors which originate cargo or mail and regulated agents that screen and/or forward cargo or mail to the air carriers. Known and account consignors are typically manufacturers of the cargo. Entities that may be approved as regulated agent include air carriers, handling agents and freight forwarders. Screening may only be carried out by a regulated agent.

For entities to become a third country regulated agent (RA3) or third country known consignor (KC3) they need to submit their air cargo and mail operations to an EU aviation security validation. The validator will assess whether the entity complies with the relevant security objectives by making an on-site verification to the premises where air cargo or mail to the EU are being handled.

Trucking companies are handled under the responsibility of the ACC3, RA3 or the KC3 but requires relevant security training according to the regulations.

If the supply chain is broken, the cargo or mail has to be considered as unsecure and treated as such. Physical screening needs to take place according to EU standards.

yellow square What do you need to do?

1. Familiarize yourself with the EU requirements

The security requirements for cargo and mail from non-EU countries may be found in the regulation EU No 1082/2012 and No 654/2013. The checklists which EU aviation security validators will use to assess your compliance with the EU security objectives can be found under 1082/2012 attachment 6-C3 for air carriers, under 654/2013 attachment 6-C2 for Regulated Agents and attachment 6-C4 for Known Consignors.

2. Where necessary, update your business operations and train your staff to comply with the security regulation

Depending on your business and your current security measures, you may need to update your security programme, enhance your security measures or provide for the necessary screening equipment. Your security measures need to be in accordance with at least ICAO standards. In the event you carry out screening, your screening methods need to be in accordance with EU requirements.

Aeroserve and ACC3 Validators will be able to support in the preparation of a validation in case you should require assistance. Within short, we will offer aviation security related e-courses to support in the training of your staff.

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yellow square The Aviation Security Validation

3. Contact an EU aviation security validator to carry out the necessary validation

If you would like to be part of the secure supply chain, you will need to contact an EU aviation security validator yourself. EU aviation security validations may only be carried out by approved EU aviation security validators. All approved validators you may engage are included in the EU database found in the link below:


If you are not validated and approved according to the EU requirements, you may not form part of the secure supply chain of an ACC3. As a consequence, all the cargo or mail you forward will need to be screened by or on behalf of the ACC3 or a third country regulated agent before being loaded on board an aircraft bound for the EU.

Aeroserve and ACC3 Validators are looking forward to assisting you with your validation.

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Aeroserve AB

Box 16
SE-247 27 Genarp

Phone: +46 705 1995
E-mail: info@aeroserve.eu
Web: www.aeroserve.eu

To read more download the pdf:

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