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Charter Specialists for Outsize-Dense Cargo
- Aerospace One Management Company

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‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’.

With more than twenty years of expertise within the industry and ideally located with over 1/3 of the world’s population living 4 hours flight from our Headquarter in the United Arab Emirates, Aerospace One Management Company is keen to present our sound capabilities and services deployed worldwide.

Our history has been operating in difficult areas including warzones, aid and emergency relief programs and quick reaction disaster situations requiring either inbound supplies or personnel extraction. Based on that, we are of the firm belief that our experience, position, network and personnel give us unrivalled opportunities to service each and every one of our client’s needs both now and in the future and set us at the forefront of our style of operational solutions. Our aim is to be your partner of choice in a relationship that will build competence, confidence and compliance into your operation.

- Jaideep G. Mirchandani, Chairman

yellow square Today’s air cargo supply chain requires reliability, speed and flexibility. Sometimes a scheduled belly flight might not be enough. Be it for the shipment size or weight, or a routing that is not offered by passenger flights.

yellow square Aerospace One Management Company

AOMC has been best-in-class for charter cargo operations and lease of aircraft for a wide ranging client base including major international airlines, NGOs, multinational corporations, governments, and a host of industries around the globe.

Aerospace One Management Company is dedicated to adding real value for clients and suppliers.

Aerospace One Management Company offers the right product to meet your transport needs.

yellow square For your special needs

What if your cargo’s needs are beyond the scope of scheduled air services because of the size or weight of your shipment, its place of origin or its intended destination?

A solution will be provided to you with our partner AOCs under management. No matter the size or destination, Aerospace One Management Company has the experience and knowhow to provide you with whatever is needed to make each consignment a success.

yellow square Your benefits
- Individual schedules
- Free choice of airport of origin and deestination
- B747 or IL76 available
- Customized solutions

yellow square Aerospace One Management Company FZE has strategic missions within SKYONE GROUP : to acquire business as a broker and to deliver to client AOCs management

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yellow square You can reach us at:

Aerospace One Management Company
L04-03, SAIF Zone
P.O. Box 123201
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 6 5579577
Fax: +971 6 5489066

Mailto: sales@aerosc.com
Internet: www.aerospace-one.com


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