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Hazmat Training & Compliance
- Bureau of Dangerous Goods

yellow square HAZMAT TRAINING. Worldwide knowledge.

Satisfy hazmat training requirements with any of the Bureau of Dangerous Goods multimodal training solutions. Whether itís listening to a certified instructor in a classroom, learning the IMDG Code at home via HazmatUniversity.com or discussing practical application of the regulations in a customized on-site location, we have the hazmat training solution for you!

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yellow arrow Custom Designed, Multimodal Hazmat Training

Whether it’s one mode of transportation or a multimodal curriculum customized for individual or corporate requirements, let the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. train your hazmat employees anywhere around the world.

IATA          International Air Transport Association
ICAO         International Civil Aviation Organization
IMDG         International Martime Dangerous Goods Code
ADR           European Agreement
49CFR        U.S. DOT Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations
TDG           Transport Canada Dangerous Goods Regulations
CCAR-276  China Civil Aviations Regulations

These courses cover the regulatory compliance skills needed to document, classify, prepare, offer and accept shipments of dangerous goods according to the applicable mode of transport. Each participant is provided with comprehensive classroom materials that will become an essential part of their office library.

The Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. hazmat courses are taught by recognized professionals whose emphasis is on safety and compliance with the regulations.

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yellow arrow Classroom, Instructor-Led Training
Our hazmat classroom training courses are taught by certified industry professionals who are knowledgable and friendly to help your hazmat employees learn and understand the regulations.

yellow arrow Customized On-Site Training
Create a custom hazmat training solution specific to your corporate requirements. Select from any mode of transport and regulatory authority to create a comprehensive curriculum.

yellow arrow Online Hazmat Training
Avoid the costs of sending your hazmat employees off-site for training and let them train from any computer connected to the Internet around the world online.

yellow square SHIPHAZMAT. Anywhere. Anytime.

Generate compliant dangerous goods declarations and packages from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere around the world. Unsurpassed regulatory logic based on current IATA, ICAO and 49CFR regulations helps prevent users from making documentation and packaging mistakes.

• No installations. No downloads/updates
• Correctly calculates Q-value, when applicable
• Handles segregation and compatibility
• Simple, user-friendly interface
• View proper labeling, marking and packing requirements
• Print applicable packaging diagrams, ERG and truck placarding reports for each shipment
• Comply with record retention requirements

yellow arrow ShipHazmat is the SAFE solution for dangerous goods compliance

• Log in from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere around the world
• Generate validated Shipper’s Declarations and packages of dangerous goods
• Reduce rejected shipments and potential penalties because of compliance failure
• Use built-in regulatory logic to correctly calculate the Q-value for “all packed in one” packages, when applicable
• Check for segregation and compatibility issues
• Display proper packing instructions, quantity limitations, packaging types and transport details based on your specific shipment details
• View packing, marking and labeling requirements for each shipment
• View State and Operator variations, emergency response reports and truck placarding requirements for each shipment
• User-friendly interface creates a “what you see is what you get” approach towards dangerous goods compliance
• Manage address books, technical names and default settings to facilitate the form-filling process
• Review, restore and reprint completed declarations to comply with record retention requirements and save time in recreating documents
• Knowledgable, friendly and LIVE technical support is available to help you

BDG shipment img

yellow arrow Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to download, install or update anything on my computer to use ShipHazmat?
A. No, the web application does not require any download and installation of additional add-ons and is available for immediate use from any compatible web browser.

Q. What hazard classes are supported by ShipHazmat?
A. ShipHazmat supports all hazard classses and divisions as defined by IATA and ICAO regulatory guidelines, excluding Class 7: Radioactive materials.

Q. Does ShipHazmat print dangerous goods declarations with the red borders?
A. Yes, ShipHazmat can print with or without red borders depending on the paper and printer you have available. Red border printing does require a color printer.

Q. Is ShipHazmat a template application?
A. No, ShipHazmat incorporates sophisticated and unsurpassed built-in regulatory logic to generate compliant dangerous goods declarations. United States government state variations are also incorporated to handle shipments transported to, from or through the United States.

yellow arrow Pricing Plans

Pay-as-you-go plan that is ideal for infrequent shippers who require dangerous goods declarations a couple times per month or year.
Each completed dangerous goods declaration is only $13.95 USD.

Annual Membership
Subscription-based plan ideal for frequent shippers of dangerous goods. Includes built-in productivity tools and unlimited printing of declarations.

Air Cargo Americas Special!
Each annual membership is $495.00 USD and includes the first user license. Additional user licenses can be purchased at $195.00 USD each.


Validate and accept dangerous goods consignments with HAZMAT®, the “expert system” in helping air carriers identify areas of compliance and non-compliance. Eliminate individual interpretation of the regulations and standardize hazmat intelligence by making it SAFE (Simple, Accurate, Fast and Efficient).

BDG Compliance img

yellow arrow Compliance doesnt have to be confusing

Hazmat,by the Bureau of Dangerous Goods Ltd., is an inspection and verification web application designed exclusively for dangerus goods consignments being transported by air. Hazmat is an "Expert System" that helps carriers, freight forwarders and logistic operators to identify areas of compliance/non-compliance according to IATA/ICAO regulations, reducing clerical time and helping you eliminate costly shipping errors. This innovative web application is more than a mere reproduction of government shipping regulations; Hazmat employs regulatory intelligence, eliminating individual interpretation, confusion and headaches regarding proper documentation, packaging, marking and labeling.

yellow arrow Hazmat Key Benefits

• Processes non-radioactive/radioactive materials
• Completes a single, preformated input screen from Shipper's Decaration form.
• Three-dimenstional packaging requirements diagram
• Lists allowable packing variations
• Automatic Q-value calculation, validation & package quantity restrictions
• Bar code scan
• Produces automated compliance check-list for compnay retention files
• Automated NOTOC printout with emergency response information (optional addon)
• Current with IATA, ICAO & CFR 49 171.22 & 175 regulations
• Operator and state variation listing for reference
• Assigns potential state & operator variations

BDG compliance img

yellow arrow Customize Your Compliance Experience!

Our Hazmat development team can customize the web application to meet your company or business-specific requirements (e.g. acceptance checklists, embargoes and restrictions, and more.)*

* Additional customization fees may apply based on requirements.

yellow square For more information:

Call Toll free 1-800-367-1879
Email: sales@bureaudg.com
Website: www.bureaudg.com


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