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Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, India

- Narendra Kale, Co-Founder and Executive Council Member at Bhau Institute

This institute is opening on October 22, 2015 Dasara day. You all are welcome to join this grand initiative for College Of Engineering, Pune, India.

yellow square Vision
To create a successful entrepreneurship institute model to change India through young entrepreneurs who are the hope of tomorrow’s urban and rural India.

yellow square Core Values
Global vision with Indian values - Transparency, Ethics, Competence, Openness, Inspiration, Futuristic.

yellow square Intended Activities

1. Entrepreneurship & Leadership Courses for COEP & Other students.
2. First and second generation entrepreneurs can enroll for part-time/3-6-12 month’s certificate/diploma courses
3. Develop train the trainer courses for rural areas to promote rural as well as social entrepreneurship.
4. Incubation and Innovation Center (I-Square Center)
    • Incubation Center: Encourage and actively incubate up to 5 companies with 4/5 professionals per company, with complete office,
       mentoring and guidance infrastructure with possible part seed capital from angel investors. The companies would offer 5-10% equity
       stake for institute.
    • Innovation Center: Industry, students and faculty participation with innovative solutions to industry problems with IPR with institute.
5. Entrepreneurship & Leadership Lecture Series (Lecture and interaction every week): By accomplished entrepreneurs VCs, CEOs, thought leaders social influencers, and academicians.

yellow square Organizational Structure

The institute would be run by Executive Council (EC), Advisory Council (AC), Panel of Mentors (PM), Staff and Visiting Faculty.

Executive Council:
• Chairperson: Dr. P G Takwale - Ex VC UOP, IGNOU
• A D Sahasrabudhe, Director – COEP
• Atul Kirloskar - Chairman & MD - Kirloskar Oil Engines
• Anand Khandekar - Mentor Invadia
• Prataprao Pawar - Chairman, Sakal
• Sanjay Dhande, Former Director IITK
• Sanjay Inamdar - Founder Flucon, Co-Founder of Bhau
• Narendra Kale - Founder Chairman, KCL Ltd.,Co-founder of Bhau

Advisory Council:
• Chairperson: Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Chairman, National Innovation Foundation
• Vijay Kelkar, Former Chairman Finance commission
• Kshama Metre , Director Chinmaya Organization Of Rural development
• Ashish Nanda, Director, IIMA
• Nickhil Jakatdar , CEO Vuclip
• Rajesh Jain, CEO Netcore
• Narendra Barhate, CEO Seed Infotech Ltd.

Panel of mentors
The mentors would advise incubator companies till they get their first round of funding. Also, a mentor clinic would be run by leading entrepreneurs every month.

Renowned professors, entrepreneurs, bankers, and VCs around world would be participating as faculty members for the various programs. Most instructors would be visiting faculty. This would ensure top notch faculty without the financial commitments. A core staff will run the center leveraging the power of technology and automation from the very beginning.

yellow square Infrastructure Overview

• A three-story building totaling 21,000 sq. feet - will incorporate the latest technologies to ensure environmentally-friendly practices in energy production conservation.
• Facilities include a reception lounge, auditorium, board-room, meeting rooms, the incubation center and offices, library, computer lab, innovation center, class rooms, video conferencing and state-of-the-art communications and instructional facilities, thus creating an environment optimal for learning.

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