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Cargo Management Systems
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yellow square Welcome to CHAMP Cargosystems

Global outsourcing, the need for full supply chain visibility and collaboration, big data, cloud computing and mobile solutions are changing the way people do business. The air cargo industry continues to evolve but is in the midst of significant economic volatility. What is clear is that change is necessary and that it requires investment.

The foundation of successful industry change remains effective use of IT. There has been a lot of talk about full automation and the removal of paper processes, with a number of companies making the necessary investments. However, overall progress across the industry has been slow.

The air cargo business is a community and at the heart of this community are people – people who are passionate about air cargo and servicing their customers. At CHAMP Cargosystems we share this passion. We have been at the forefront of delivering IT solutions within the air cargo industry for over 30 years.

All participants, whether they are shippers, forwarders, GHA, GSA, airlines, customs, legislators or IT service providers, need to mesh seamlessly to facilitate the secure, cost-efficient and time sensitive transport of freight. Timely and accurate flow of information parallel to the physical flow of goods is essential for successful, cost effective processes and customer satisfaction.

At CHAMP Cargosystems we believe in being an active part of our community. For us it is about Connected Thinking for the Air Cargo Community.

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yellow square Thinking Ahead for our Customers

Passionately committed to air cargo
CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air logistics community. Our portfolio spans Cargo Management Systems, including the proven Cargospot application suite, messaging and integration services through our Community Integration Platform and a comprehensive suite of eCargo solutions.

CHAMP is entirely focused on the cargo and logistics market. Our applications are designed by combining IT expertise with a deep knowledge of the air cargo business. We are focused on providing you a range of integrated IT solutions and services that support your business processes and enables continual evolution and transformation.

Actively seeking the best
Our staff possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge unrivaled in the industry. We continuously seek to hire skilled and committed employees to work in an environment where they are focused on realizing both their and your potential.

More than 5,000 man-years of development have been invested in CHAMP’s solutions. Our versatile products and services and our ability to customize these make us highly adaptable to customer demands.

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Facilitating and supporting change
Continuous collaboration and consultation with forward thinking, experienced professionals from across our extensive customer community enables us to incorporate best practices and industry developments into our extensive portfolio.

We have driven, adopted and supported all manner of industry change. As the next wave of eCargo initiatives gathers momentum, CHAMP is once again engaging with the community to facilitate and realise the benefits from information technology.

Driving customer value
CHAMP remains focused on providing solutions to industry challenges on a shared cost of ownership principle. Our customers are able to leverage the advantages of joint developments and continual innovation whilst having the ability to work with a partner to adapt to local processes.

Long term focus
Our experience in delivering hundreds of projects all around the globe provides you with access to an extraordinary wealth of knowledge. Our project teams collaborate intensively with client teams from different cultural backgrounds and assure project success. We are a proven and reliable partner. Our relationships with our customers are long term ones built on trust, capability and continual evolution. Serving our community is at the centre of our beliefs and behavior – for us it is all about Connected Thinking.

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yellow square Connecting the Community with Innovative Solutions

Cargo Management Systems
Our Cargo Management Systems, well known under the Cargospot brand, empower you with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operation and revenue accounting processes. They drive cost efficiency throughout your organization.

Cargospot solutions are highly interoperable, modular and scalable. They can be adapted to system configurations to suit individual needs and are available on a license or as Software as a Service. The core cargo systems for carriers, GHAs and GSAs are completed by applications for Business Intelligence, ULD Management and optimised load planning for freighter operations.

Community Integration Platform
CHAMP Cargosystems has been at the cutting edge of information exchange within the air cargo industry for over 20 years actively driving and supporting industry changes. As cargoXML gathers momentum, CHAMP once again is collaborating with the community to facilitate the realisable benefits from electronic information exchange.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges this brings about, CHAMP’s platform Traxon cargoHUB acts as an open, extendible and rules based “industry service bus”. Traxon cargoHUB delivers a new philosophy of 6 information management simplifying the transmission, conversion and distribution of messages, and expands the scope of information sharing within the air logistics community.

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eCargo Suite
Our comprehensive eCargo Suite leverages the CHAMP portfolio seamlessly integrating with other CHAMP solutions. This level of integration provides our customers with a single source of solutions for Customs and Security, Quality and Service Management, Paper-Free and eFreight, Portals and Mobility.

Our Customs and Security solutions range from pure connectivity to advance customs information for 37+ countries, electronic consignment security declarations and ACAS.

Process and data quality will be optimized with the help of our Quality solutions. CHAMP monitors 50% of all Cargo 2000 shipments and offers Message Improvement Program (MIP) Reporting for airlines as well as forwarders. CHAMP‘s Portal solutions facilitate AWB data capture and ebooking, driving out costs and maximising data quality. Our applications enable the largest possible community of small and medium sized enterprises to share information electronically.

Our Paper-Free solutions enable reliable, electronic cargo communication with the entire supply chain including document and message management. They meet the needs of industry initiatives such as eAWB and eFreight.

With our Mobility solutions the information flow between mobile workers across differing processes and organizations will be made easy. Distributed information tools allow for earlier capture of data, more informed decision making and optimized business processes.

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yellow square Inspiring and Achieving Excellence

A strong industry voice
CHAMP’s global community embraces all players of the air cargo transport chain: shippers, forwarders, airlines, GHA, GSA and customs authorities. CHAMP’s thought leadership drives innovation in this community. At the same time the community drives CHAMP’s portfolio development. CHAMP is an active participant within the air cargo community on IT issues bridging the gap between ideas, aspirations and practical implementation.

A clear customer focus
CHAMP’s customers benefit in many ways from the connected thinking we provide for the air cargo community. Our innovative products are designed to make companies smarter, more responsive to their customers’ needs and more cost efficient. Our customers enjoy access to technological and functional enhancements that we offer as part of our continuous improvement process.

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A community philosophy
The size and combined expertise of the CHAMP global community allows us to leverage economies of scale to the benefit of all. The extensive CHAMP network means that many of your supply chain partners are already connected and many of your business processes already supported. This greatly reduces the time to market allowing you to achieve results faster whilst a shared cost of ownership approach delivers great value for money.

A fast growing network
CHAMP is strongly committed to further expand the community for the benefit of all. Companies that join the community or extend their partnership with CHAMP find this a truly interactive, inclusive platform irrespective of whether they represent legislators, interest groups, associations, or a link in the air cargo supply chain.

A collaborative approach
We are an active IATA Strategic Partner, Cargo 2000 Certified Industry Associate, a member of TIACA, the AACO, and various local forwarder associations. Through the involvement in these groups and the IATA eCargo initiatives we seek to drive forward paper-free, environmentally friendly, progressive solutions that help clients to become more cost efficient and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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yellow square For further information, please contact:

Global Headquarters

CHAMP Cargosystems S.A
Lux Tech Center building
2, rue Edmond Reuter
Zone d’Activités « Weiergewan »
L-5326 Contern
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Tel: +352 268 16 100
Fax: +352 268 16 401
e-mail: info@champ.aero

CHAMP Cargosystems (Germany) GmbH
Lyoner Strasse 36
60528 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 66 906 200
Fax: +49 69 66 906 231
e-mail: info@champ.aero

CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines
G/F Makati Stock exchange Bldg.
Ayala Triangle,
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Philippines 1200
e-mail: info@champ.aero

CHAMP Cargosystems (UK) Ltd
Hyde Park Hayes 3
11 Millington Road,
Hayes, Middlesex,
UB3 4AZ,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 8587 8000
Fax: +44 20 8587 8085
e-mail: info@champ.aero

CHAMP Cargosystems (Switzerland) AG
Hallwylstrasse 71
8004 Zurich
Tel: +41 44 24 58 140
Fax: +41 44 24 58 149
e-mail: info@champ.aero


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