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Global Air Cargo Handling Services
- dnata

yellow square Introduction

We are a company backed by over 55 years of proud history. We have over 23,000 employees across 38 countries, and our annual revenues have reached USD 2.1 billion in 2013-2014.
We’ve become a performance-driven organisation and a global player in niche markets. We are currently operating out of 75 airports across five continents, providing service excellence to over 250 airlines. This makes us one of the world’s largest air services providers. Our vision however, is to become the most admired. Not necessarily the biggest — but unequivocally the best — in the eyes of our customers.

‘One’ for all
Our strategy for growth by acquisition has gained tremendous momentum. In 2011, we launched ‘One dnata’, a single-vision initiative that has unified all our divisions. In some countries, we are still operating under different brand names. Even so, all our employees understand that the dnata vision and values sustain all our businesses.

We have energised our workforce with our guiding principle to ‘deliver the promises our customers make’. Each member of staff around the world now realises how much their daily efforts contribute to their own and their colleagues’ success. The effects have been remarkable, directly correlating with our record-breaking 2013-2014 financial results of USD 226 million profit.

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yellow square Why dnata?

The dnata difference
We recognise that by serving our customers, we’re also serving their customers. That’s why we talk about the promises our customers make. From cargo and catering to travel services and generally making the airport a friendlier place, our operations drive performance. In this way, we delight our customers and their passengers, even as we continue to challenge ourselves to become the most admired air services provider in the world.

Our consistent investment in technology, equipment, infrastructure and people – along with our unwavering commitment to service excellence – has given us a portfolio of loyal customers. What’s more, our teams of experienced, dedicated professionals go the extra mile to provide innovative, efficient and reliable service for every single one of them.

With over 23,000 employees, we are one of the largest international air services providers, and our brand is a trusted mainstay in many of the world’s major airports.

Key strengths:
• Wide service network offering global expertise in local markets
• Large, modern equipment fleet
• Attraction and retention of experienced managers
• Consistent quality management systems across businesses
• Innovation in latest technologies and techniques
• Products tailored to individual customer needs
• Long-term relationships with many leading airlines and suppliers
• Focus on safety
• Willingness to invest in the future

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Products & services

Our comprehensive product portfolio and tailored services help our customers deliver the promises they make. Through our on-the-ground services and support, we keep the world in the air. From ground and cargo handling, in-flight catering and travel in 38 countries, we provide everything an airline needs beyond its planes, pilots and crew.

yellow arrow Ground handling

Today’s airline passengers expect a seamless experience from check-in to baggage delivery. That’s exactly what we deliver, in some of the world’s busiest airports.
As the sole ground handling agent in Dubai International Airport, we’ve helped to transform the emirate into a global aviation hub. It’s the world’s second busiest airport, with 145 airlines serving 239 destinations. It all adds up to 379,000 aircraft movements each year. dnata also operates at Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport, which opened its doors to passengers in October 2013. And Dubai is just one of our bases.

From Australia to the UK, via the Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq and Switzerland, we offer the highest level of service in 22 airports around the world. Whether we’re helping passengers face to face, or ensuring seamless behindthe- scenes operations, we smooth the way for over 90 million travellers each year.

With over 23,000 skilled staff and some of the most advanced technology in the industry, we also pride ourselves on our training standards, ensuring that we share internal best practices around the world.

Safety is our core promise. We pride ourselves on the training standards we share with our employees internationally. The majority of our operations are ISAGO certified; the rest are set to follow suit. This fundamental dedication to security and value means our customers have the confidence to maximise their assets and drive their businesses forward.

Our differentiators:
• Precision, safety and responsiveness form the backbone of our services
• Our customers’ airlines are handled according to their procedures and operating systems
• Our customers’ businesses are handled by fully trained and experienced agents
• We ensure the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft, both on the ground and in the air

yellow arrow Cargo

Just as Dubai has become a vital commercial hub, so have we grown internationally to become one of the world’s leading cargo service operators.
Now spanning three continents, our cargo teams move over 1.6 million tonnes annually, which equates to over 4,390 tonnes of cargo every single day. From flowers, food and other perishables to luxury cars and even animals, we handle each item with care.

In a world of instant communication, expectations run high. Real-time tracking helps us to turn around express cargo in less than one hour.
We are continually pioneering industry standards through investment in technology. In 2010, for example, we launched the first carbon-neutral warehouse in the Middle East.

Even under extreme conditions, our people deliver on the promise to send each item on its way in a safe, timely manner. Our cargo operations continue to expand internationally and so, more often than not, it’s our people loading and unloading the shipments at each end – with the same care and dedication every time.

Our services include:
• Warehousing
• Equipment supply
• Export cargo acceptance and flight build-up
• Import cargo flight breakdown and delivery
• Customs control
• Irregularities handling
• Document handling
• Transfer and transit
• Mail handling
• Express handling
• Live animal handling
• Station management
• Cargo logistics

yellow arrow Catering

Today’s travellers expect an exceptional dining experience when they fly. Helping our customers to deliver their promises requires us to delicately blend several crucial ingredients, such as impeccable produce, catering, food handling, safety, security, service and cost management.

In-flight catering
We are continually striving to perfect this recipe, which enables us to deliver over 41 million meals annually — each one beautifully cooked using exceptional local ingredients and imagination.

Our food division serves our customers at 61 airports across 12 countries. Our catering, packing and distribution facilities in the UK, the USA, Singapore, Italy, Australia, the UAE and South Africa enable us to manage all our customers’ global catering requirements with excellence and efficiency.

Our award-winning chefs create authentic meals for all classes, designed to suit our airline customers’ local cuisine and culture. We’re experts at catering to a wide range of dietary and ethnic requirements including Halal, Indian, Japanese and Chinese dishes to name a few. Our passion for creative and logistical distinction results in the successful delivery of over 112,000 meals a day.

Our services include:
• Catering service
• Blue Sky Service
• Frozen entrée manufacture

yellow arrow Travel

We provide comprehensive travel services for individuals, companies and the travel trade across 27 countries. We manage everything from business and incentive travel to worldwide tour operations, including leisure, sports and active holidays. We also offer sales and marketing services for a broad range of hotels, along with specialist travel services for those customers in government and the offshore and marine industries.


Our skilled, resourceful and multi-lingual travel consultants provide global travel solutions at over 200 of dnata's travel outlets across the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Afghanistan and India.

We also offer our services online at dnatatravel.com and through our 24/7 multi-lingual call centre which provides our customers with an easy looking process. From tours and cruises to flights, car hire, accommodation, travel insurance, and visa processing, we offer a truly
comprehensive service, competitive value and complete peace of mind.

Website: dnatatravel.com
Mobile site: m.dnatatravel.com

Our services include:
• Corporate travel
• Leisure travel
• Government travel
• Offshore and marine
• Hajj and Umrah
• Sports travel
• GSA representation
• Visa services
• Agency support unit
• Destination management services

Our services are delivered through:
• Retail outlets
• B2C online booking tool and mobile website
• Corporate implants/business travel centres
• Corporate online booking tools
• 24/7 multi-lingual contact centre services

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yellow square

Our constant drive to improve performance means that we’re always looking for innovations that place us at the forefront of our industry. We often run trials in one country before rolling out new equipment and processes across all our businesses.

While every innovation must assure the on-going safety of our staff and customers, some technology is specifically designed to improve safety. Our new dual-view X-ray screening machine penetrates metals up to 50mm thick. This allows us to scan goods on acceptance for better warehouse segregation of secured and non-secured cargo. We’ve also introduced a new explosive trace detector, the IONSCAN 400b (Transportation Security Administration approved) equipped with the latest molecular sampler, which can analyse traces of explosives and narcotics.

We have long had refrigerated warehouses, containers and thermal blankets in Dubai to protect perishable goods from extreme heat. The climates in other countries in which we operate raise different issues. For example, in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland, our eight state-of-the-art ‘Elephant Beta’ de-icing trucks from Vestergaard help us achieve on time performance despite adverse weather conditions. By removing snow by blowing air, instead of spraying glycol, this solution is not only more effective, it’s more environmentally friendly too.

In Singapore, we have experimented with driverless pushback, putting us in the vanguard of airport operations. We have also undertaken trials with electric and hybrid pushback vehicles, which offer more efficiency and vastly reduced emissions.

To read more, download the pdf below

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