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Engineering Services


yellow bullet Precision Conversions, LLC Overview

Precision Conversions LLC, (Precision) specializes in the conversion and modification of transport category aircraft from a passenger configuration to a freighter configuration. Our company’s strengths include design engineering, substantiation, and certification, as well as the logistical management of all manufacturing, assembly, and installation of aircraft components and structure related to the conversion and modification.

yellow bullet Engineering Capability Overview

Precision maintains a diverse staff of direct engineers and key contracted engineers (Precision Engineers) through its engineering affiliate, Precision Engineering, LLC. Precision Engineers specialize in the design, substantiation and certification of aircraft programs. Their collective capabilities and strengths include:

• Design/Modification Engineering
• Liaison/Repair Engineering
• Structural Substantiation and Static Analysis
• Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
• Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
• Loads Database Development
• Certification
• Technical Publications
• AMOC Development
• Continued Airworthiness
• Technical Data Management
• Configuration Management
• Major Repair Evaluations and DER Approvals

yellow arrow Design/Modification Engineering
Precision Engineers can provide expertise in design and drawing development for structural, system, and electrical modifications, including interior reconfiguration and monument development. Precision Engineers support the design process from concept through the manufacturing and installation stages.

yellow arrow Liaison/Repair Engineering
Precision Engineers excel in providing immediate and accurate solutions for aircraft system, structural, and electrical problems. The team consists of engineers who have provided liaison engineering support for multiple airlines and aircraft types. Precision Engineers are well versed and sensitive to stringent aircraft flight schedules and budgets but clearly understand maintenance and regulatory requirements.

yellow arrow Structural Substantiation and Static Analysis
Our stress analysts are well versed with industry analytical techniques and consistently provide timely and quality substantiation reports for odifications and repairs. Our analysts work closely with our FAA designees to ensure accurate results.

yellow arrow Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
Our stress analysts are fluent with fatigue and damage tolerance methods and we maintain an open and positive relationship with FAA designees and the FAA on damage tolerance methodology and evolving and accepted techniques. Our team has developed MPD and DTR inspection methods and is fluent with Part 26 compliance, FAR 25.571, AC 120-93 and staged damage tolerance approval process. Precision Engineers developed and maintain a certified loads data set for the B757 fuselage. Therefore we are able to provide timely and accurate analysis options for airlines operating the B757. We are also capable of applying DT industry accepted methodologies for all model types.

yellow arrow Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Loads Database Development
Precision Engineers are experienced with wind tunnel model development and can assist in the successful validation and substantiation of wind tunnel results for your certification programs through its developed loads databases and extensive experience and relationship with the FAA.

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Engineering Services

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