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FlightSafety Training
- FlightSafety International

FlightSafety - The World Leader in Aviation Training and Simulation

FlightSafety, the world’s leading aviation training company, works diligently to maintain and enhance our reputation for customer service and the industry’s best, most comprehensive safety training. FlightSafety delivers more than a million hours of professional instruction each year, training more pilots than any other company and always to the highest standards.

FlightSafety operates Learning Centers and training locations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The company offers training for aircraft used by business, military and commercial aviation organizations including Air Cargo operators. This includes programs for pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants and flight dispatchers, going well beyond technical proficiency to take into account operational efficiencies and human factors.

Enhancing Safety through Superior Training

To accomplish our training mission, we operate the world’s largest fleet of full flight simulators, most of which are qualified to FAA Level D or the equivalent. We design and manufacture our simulators – the most advanced on the market today – and develop the comprehensive software to run them. Our exclusive MATRIX integrated training system leverages that sophisticated software to bring the power of full flight simulation into all aspects of training, from the classroom to flight training devices (FTDs) to our SimVu training flight review process.

Comprehensive Training For Air Cargo and other Commercial Aviation Professionals

We serve the commercial aviation industry with professional training that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements – online, on location and at conveniently located Learning Centers

Air Cargo operators, including those who use their aircraft for both passenger and cargo services, benefit from FlightSafety’s wide range of training services and advanced technology flight simulators. We serve Air Cargo operators who operate current production commercial aircraft and converted business aircraft as well as those that are no longer in production.

Our training centers emphasize reliability, convenience and flexibility, working with you to develop training programs that serve your specific needs – focusing on human factors and crew resource management to reinforce your existing training and safety culture. We provide whatever level of support you need to assist in your mission. It all adds up to exceptional value.

Training includes programs are available for a wide variety of commercial aircraft built by Aerospatiale, Airbus, ATR, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Embraer, Fairchild, Hawker Beechcraft, Saab and Shorts.

Interactive eLearning

Our growing library of online eLearning courses offers everything from in-depth preparation for full flight simulator training to standalone enrichment instruction on a wide variety of aviation topics – CFIT, warm and cold weather operations, EGPWS/TAWS, type-specific Garmin G1000 familiarization, TCAS, DRVSM, Safety Management Systems, maintenance RVSM, Principles of Troubleshooting and much more.

FlightSafety Full Flight Simulators and Training Technology

Operators of advanced-technology simulation equipment from FlightSafety benefit from our 60-plus years of aviation training leadership. FlightSafety delivers vertically integrated design, manufacture and support of Level D-qualified full flight simulators, advanced flight training devices, superior visual systems and highest-fidelity displays, including those equipped with all-glass technology.

FlightSafety offers the world's most sophisticated simulators, with the most advanced features. We supply our worldwide network of Learning Centers with simulators for nearly every type of aircraft made today. From a Cessna Caravan to an Airbus A320, from an Osprey V-22 to a C-5 transport. We work closely with aircraft manufacturers and airlines around the world as well as all five branches of the U.S. military and its allies.

Whether you fly commercial, corporate or military fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, you depend on your training equipment. We've manufactured more than 780 full flight simulators and advanced training devices and 1,000 visual systems.

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