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- Kenya Airways

yellow square KQ CARGO: Your route to Success

yellow arrow KQ Pharma

An airport-to-airport service designed to cater for transportation of pharmaceutical products in the most efficient way possible to ensure the maintenance of cool-chain integrity and product quality.

yellow arrow KQ Live
In today’s modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered the most humane and quick method of transportation over long distances. KQ Live is our safe and caring service for the transportation of animals.

yellow arrow KQ Fresh
An airport-to-airport service for the efficient and reliable transportation of perishable products such as fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, efficiently and reliably, ensuring product freshness all the way.

yellow arrow KQ Secure
An exceptional high security airport-to-airport service for your vulnerable consignments, offering maximum security and streamlined processes. This product comes complete with special storage areas, surveillance on ground and escort to the aircraft by trained personnel to guarantee a high level of protection for your goods.

yellow arrow KQ General Cargo
This is a service tailor-made to cater for the specific transportation requirements of traders, businesses, NGOs, consolidators and public authorities, among others.

yellow arrow KQ Express
A priority product designed to cater for urgent cargo shipments with speed and reliability.

yellow arrow KQ Repatriation
KQ Cargo offers the fastest and safest way to bring the dearly departed back home. KQ Repatriation is a special service dedicated to flying loved ones to their final resting places.

yellow arrow KQ Mail
This product is tailor-made to cater for the uplift of Post Office mail which includes postal items as defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Convention. This product is offered to postal administrations and mail agents only and is an airport-to- airport service.

yellow arrow KQ Courier
KQ Courier is a tailor-made air freight service that caters for expedited transportation of time-definite courier material by registered courier companies only. This is an airport-to-airport service.

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We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options at our hub to meet their unique needs. Our facilities include cold rooms as well as general warehouses.

We are fully equipped with forklifts (normal and clamp), hand jacks, ladders, weighing machines fitted with rollers for ease of loading and off-loading and fitted scissor jacks.

The combined capacity of our warehouses is 136,000 square feet at KQ Cargo Centre and 45,000sq.ft at KAHL. Both spaces are very well secured with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, security personnel and a manager within the premises. We pride ourselves in having zero pilferage at our warehouses and assure our customers of security when we handle their cargo. Our team is also well trained in handling Dangerous Goods (DGR).

KQ Cargo Centre is our main cargo facility and enables us to provide swift and efficient services to our customers. It is situated in JKIA’s Specialized Freight Area on a six acre site.

Our facility is favourably located and meticulously designed to minimize dwell times. Our terminal location minimizes the distance cargo travels between aircraft and warehouse. The warehouse’s open-plan design also allows for ease movement of cargo within the facility.

KQ Cargo Centre has its own dedicated access road as well as a huge adjacent parking area for all landside vehicles and our for customers. We take safety and security very seriously and for this reason the entire facility is covered by closed circuit television surveillance (CCTV) and mobile screening equipment to guarantee high levels of security.

Our continuous investment in modern Cargo Systems contributes to our ability to communicate effectively with our customers. We have an integrated Cargo Sales and Handling system that caters for this need.

The availability of key authorities like Customs and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in-house minimizes administrative delays on clearance of cargo. National Bank of Kenya operates at this facility, easing customs fee payment processes. Kenya Airways has out-sourced its cash handling to National Bank of Kenya. This gives additional value to our customers who are now able to pay for all freight-related costs directly at the bank.

Important Statistics
• The export area measures 62,969 sq.ft
• The import area measures 62,969.4 sq.ft
• There are 120 office units for rent
• Also available at KQ Cargo Centre are a Strong Room, Boardroom and Conference facilities
• There is a power back-up generator and a catering facility

yellow square WHY CHOOSE US?

• We have over 30 years’ experience in logistics in this region
• We have a qualified and experienced workforce
• Kenya Airways is a trusted Kenyan brand and we treat our customers like our partners
• Our staff are DGR certified
• We are ISAGO certified

Our terminal provides state-of-the-art facilities for air cargo handling. With all facilities integrated by our highly automated Cargo Handling systems, we offer a complete range of time-efficient Physical Handling services designed to help speed up your business process.

Advanced Automation
Our highly automated ULD Storage System is one of the most sophisticated devices in Cargo Handling technology, enabling us to process cargo with unprecedented speed, transparency and reliability.

Our cargo build-up and break-down workstations are designed to handle both import and export cargo, ensuring maximum efficiency in the use of terminal facilities. Our automated cargo storage and retrieval systems, facilitated by forklift and stacker
operators using wireless radio frequency handheld terminals, connect workstations with every process point, allowing the smooth flow of cargo within the main terminal building from acceptance to the delivery points.

Using the automated Cargo Handling and Storage systems inside our Cargo Terminal means that human handling is minimized. Our Racking System is fully customs-bonded with both computerized and human security systems providing maximum protection. The Main Terminal Building has more than 38 closed circuit television cameras and security access control systems to safeguard the security of stored cargo and the premises in general.

Document Handling
We provide a one-stop-shop service to help speed up the import and export processes. Fully integrated with our Warehouse Handling and Ramp Handling services, we offer the following document handling services;

To help speed up the export process, we offer the following services:
• Checking, accepting
• Processing manifests
• Load estimates
• Load preparation

Airlines, freight forwarders and shippers can enjoy the following import documentation services:
• Arrival notification
• Document release
• Customs clearance by import brokers
• Quarantine process
• Express discharge of special cargo

KQ- cold chain solution


We offer a cold chain solution designed to ensure cool-chain integrity and preserve product freshness during transportation of perishable cargo. With a total floor area of 3,130m2 and capacity for over 3,000 tons of perishable cargo, this is the leading cold storage facility at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

It has ultra-modern cooling equipment, pallet scanners and direct access to the airside. These unique features have greatly improved cool-chain integrity in Nairobi, opened up opportunities for growers and attracted more freight forwarders to the perishable cargo sector, both in and out of Africa.


We provide the most flexible and efficient tailor-made all-cargo charter services to our clients for a variety of cargo types, payloads and destinations upon request. We offer commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season and project cargo. Our costeffective freighter charter services are available for:

• Humanitarian relief cargo
• Oil and gas equipment
• Heavy and outsize pieces
• Automotive cargo
• Dangerous goods
• Aerospace equipment
• Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations
• Peacekeeping support

Scheduled Freighter Service
Our freighters remain unrivaled in African aerospace. We provide scheduled freighter services to over 18 cities within Africa.

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