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Airbone Asset & Temperature Tracking

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Peace of mind, a concept that many companies automatically assume comes naturally in the supply chain logistics world, is overlooked far too frequently.

At OnAsset Intelligence, we don’t leave the details to chance. More than any other asset tracking company, we give customers complete visibility into their supply chains, allowing them to track the location, security and condition of their assets in real-time. From land, ocean or air, OnAsset’s SENTRY devices and the Vision™ monitoring platform software track any cargo on any kind of freight transport, making it the only device approved for all modes of transportation.

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According to Compass Intelligence, a leading market research firm that specializes in M2M, connected devices will achieve more than 87 million endpoints by 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 25 percent. The largest market represented in this forecast is the transportation and distribution vertical with more than 30 percent market share.
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Adam Crossno
President & CEO
OnAsset Intelligence

Historically, M2M forecasts by analysts have not included airborne asset tracking devices because of safety regulations prohibiting the use of wireless tech-nology on board aircraft, until now.

OnAsset is the first company to achieve approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its patented, airborne asset tracking device, SENTRY 400 FlightSafe®, as safe to operate on aircraft. Additionally, OnAsset is the first company to achieve approval by more than 20 major domestic and international airlines to carry the device in flight. In fact, OnAsset has received more approvals for commercial aircrafts than any other company.

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OnAsset has demonstrated incredible thought leadership in the market, and it’s no surprise that the industry has taken notice. Leading analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan recognized OnAsset with the 2012 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement. In 2011, Compass Intelligence named OnAsset to its inaugural “A-List” for M2M Solutions in the Asset Tracking category, which honors excellence in the M2M communications market. Not to mention, OnAsset has received multiple accolades from M2M Evolution, Internet Telephony Magazine and the DHL Innovation Award. As the market continues to evolve, OnAsset plans to be on the forefront.

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Constantly on the cutting-edge of technology, OnAsset continues to establish its leadership position in the airborne asset tracking industry. As the company continues to develop game-changing technology, our solutions are bringing what we call the “mobile first” mindset to air transportation. This means not only delivering services that are in demand by customers, but also meeting their needs when and where they expect them. Earlier this year, OnAsset announced that AT&T would be its exclusive wireless carrier.

Through global roaming agreements, AT&T provides wireless connectivity in nearly 200 countries and brings worry-free connectivity across the globe. This new partnership has expanded OnAsset’s reach, met the demands of our customers and improved efficiency in the air cargo market.

yellow square Keeping the Cold Chain Cold

In addition to working with AT&T, OnAsset has continued to evolve and become more versatile in the temperature-controlled supply chain market by partnering with Envirotainer, the world leader in secure cold chain logistics solutions within the healthcare and biotech industries. When preserving the cold chain, it is just as much about the storage of the product as it is about the transport. Envirotainer’s industry-leading air cargo containers will be equipped with data collection and GPS tracking availability throughout transit using OnAsset’s SENTRY FlightSafe® communications platform. Shippers and forwarders in cold chain systems can monitor location, condition and temperature information in real-time, anytime containers are on the ground. Access to this data gives those responsible peace of mind regarding product condition, knowing they can respond, should they need to, more quickly than ever before.

In closing, I’ll leave you with these parting questions. Who’s watching your assets? Do you know the condition of your cargo? At OnAsset, we’re ready to give you control over your supply chain and are excited to be the one to answer those questions.


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