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Cargo Visibility & Management Systems
- SmartKargo

yellow square SmartKargo is the world’s most advanced cargo management platform for airlines, ground handlers, sales agents, and regulators.

Here’s why:

Improved revenues and better customer service.
SmartKargo was built to maximize cargo revenue. It’s a comprehensive, integrated solution, helping every partner and part of the chain, from shipper to recipient. And the SmartKargo team has years of hands-on cargo experience, which means we know the cargo business today and, more important, where it’s going in the future.

Greater efficiency and more flexibility.
SmartKargo is 100% Cloud-based, so there’s no spending for expensive, dedicated hardware and software, and a solution that can be used anytime you have an Internet connection – which nowadays is 24/7 with a smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. The Cloud solution makes implementation and customization quicker, easier, and cheaper. And pricing is simple and transparent, it’s pay as you go.

Instant information for better decisions.
SmartKargo gives you today’s information now, not next week. From shipper to addressee, everyone who needs to know will know, and at the same time. Unlike older systems that take days or weeks to give you information (so-called batch processing), SmartKargo delivers actionable business intelligence in real time. How much did you carry today? SmartKargo tells you today. You can easily customize SmartKargo to get the metrics that matter to you. And it’s a “neural network,” which means the more you use it, the smarter it becomes. That’s SmartKargo.

SmartKargo is an integrated system of modules that work together to meet the varied needs of all partners in the cargo chain, from shipper to recipient. Although airlines are the principal users, ground handlers, sales agents, and others also use the system to increase revenues, lower costs, and improve customer service. From booking to tracking and reporting, SmartKargo does it all:

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Airlines in North America, Europe, and Asia are already seeing how SmartKargo can increase cargo revenues and improve customer service – and more are coming on board. Because SmartKargo is so advanced, so far in front of any existing solution, you’ll need to see it in action, so please call or email Jay Shelat to set up a meeting and demo, or answer your questions, at +1 817 262 9642, jay@smartkargo.com.

To read more, download the pdf below
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