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Lambert-St.Louis International Airport
- Lambert-St.Louis International Airport

yellow square Welcome to Saint Louis International Airport

The Marketing and Business Development Team at Saint Louis International Airport (STL) strives to promote and grow air cargo activity and to enhance trade opportunities between Saint Louis and global markets, with particular emphasis on Asia and Latin America. In pursuit of this goal, STL is committed to ensuring the most favorable business conditions possible for all of its cargo partners, including airlines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and importers/exporters.

As part of this commitment, STL offers an Air Service Incentive Program aimed at mitigating new market start-up costs for airlines that initiate service to/from STL. Program V (“New Transoceanic Destinations”) of STL’s Air Service Incentive Program is specifically tailored to incentivize new transoceanic service and currently offers an 18 month waiver of landing fees and applicable terminal building rentals for cargo flights that meet the eligibility requirements.

However, airlines aren’t the only ones that benefit from the opportunities available at STL. Importers/exporters will experience considerable cost savings from a recently expanded foreign-trade zone in the immediate vicinity of the airport. In addition, strategic partnerships will provide new on-airport facility solutions, meeting the needs of a wide range of airport-related users at competitive lease rates.

These are only a few of the reasons why STL is a great place to do business for airlines and cargo-related companies. Please take a moment to review all the benefits and opportunities outlined on our website—we’re sure that you’ll agree.

yellow square Experience Convenience and Affordability

Shipping cargo via STL has never been more convenient and affordable. Cargo facilities designed to expedite the flow of freight are already in place with U.S. Customs conveniently located on-site. In addition, the expansion of Foreign-Trade Zone No. 102, located in the immediate vicinity of STL, makes international trade affordable by reducing the cost of importing and exporting for businesses that operate within the zone.

yellow square Current Cargo Facilities

Cargo facilities at STL are conveniently located on both sides of the primary parallel runways. Configured in typical flow-through fashion, the cargo facilities are equipped to handle both current and next-generation cargo aircraft.

Services offered at the airport’s cargo facility include:

yellow arrow Aircraft parking adjacent to facilities
yellow arrow Bonded storage
yellow arrow Secured warehouse
yellow arrow Direct ramp access

Other key areas of the cargo facilities include high-bay storage areas, work stations for makeup and breakdown of unit load devices (ULDs), and storage areas for freight that requires special handling.

yellow square U.S. Customs and Border Protection

STL’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office is located on-site and is staffed with veteran customs officers and agricultural experts. These experienced professionals are equipped to handle a variety of shipment types, including those that may require specialized handling, such as agricultural products, perishables, and dangerous goods.

The CBP office at STL is a collaborative partner with the cargo community and consistently strives to provide efficient and expedited service. Continuous dialogue between the airport and the Saint Louis CBP ensures that airlines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and importers/exporters receive the guidance and support needed to ensure the timely release of freight.

yellow arrow Foreign-Trade Zone No. 102

Saint Louis has recently expanded Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 102, fostering regional growth and reinvestment by mitigating the cost of certain goods admitted into the zones.

Upon arrival to the United States, goods transported to an FTZ are accorded special benefits, allowing companies that use the zone to defer, reduce, or eliminate customs duties on imported goods admitted into the zone for storage, manufacture, or processing. These benefits translate into considerable cost savings for businesses that utilize the zone—cost savings that can increase cash flow and grow business, giving local importers a competitive edge in the global marketplace.



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