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-White Paper from JETTAINER

Jettainer is the world-leader in ULD management outsourcing services.

Based in Raunheim, near Frankfurt Airport, Jettainer’s 52 employees take care of managing an overall fleet of more than 85.000 ULDs for 12 airlines at more than 350 airports throughout the world. Offices outside Raunheim are located at our main customer’s operational hubs in Abu Dhabi, Rome, Zurich, Vienna, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Jettainer covers the complete value-chain of ULD management, from purchasing of ULDs, repair, steering & management and IT to asset financing. Since fall 2011, we complete our service by offering JettLease, a ULD short-term leasing service.

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Jettainer offers every step in the supply chain of ULDs while becoming a valuable and trusted partner to your company. With 80,000 ULDs in 500 locations worldwide we have the world’s largest ULD fleet at our fingertips.

Due to our extensive global network we are able to guarantee the availability of ULDs where and when they are needed. Furthermore, we can always recommend the right amount and mix of ULDs according to your needs. High flexibility – Our guaranteed availability of ULDs offers you high operational flexibility.

More choices and opportunities exist for our partner airlines to serve their customers better and outperform. Logistics experts from our ULD-Control-Desks provide even short-term requirements and flexible solutions to special customer request.

Due to our continuous improvements we are able to reduce empty container miles, lower repositioning costs and safety stock, while providing you with room to expand your business.


We are focused on ULD management and offer excellent products, which are continuously improved, based on the latest technology and research results.

You will save fuel by using robust as well as cost-efficient lightweight containers and benefit from the results of the intensive testing we have accomplished with a recognized institute for materials testing.  You will optimize your internal logistics through RFID enabled ULDs, which are developed in close collaboration with research institutes and manufacturers.  

But that’s not all - with our innovative IT solution Jettware, we provide the tools to efficiently manage the largest ULD fleet in the airline industry.

You will use reliable and easily accessible web-based IT tools. You no longer have to worry about IT availability or performance. You will use self-explanatory tracking applications and save on training efforts. You benefit from seamless integration into your procedures through an easily adaptable and fault-tolerant messaging technology.

You no longer spend hours compiling reports – you simply subscribe to our standard reports or use our latest innovation, the ULD Management Cockpit, to get comprehensive transparency.

You won’t lose control even though you have outsourced your complete ULD management.
You can concentrate on your core business – we take care of the ULDs!



It is our goal to offer ULD management at lower cost than airlines can achieve by themselves. Customized financial solutions play an increasingly important role for an airline when it comes to implementation of ULD management. We find the right solution for you and (according to our benchmarks with our outperforming airline customers) 17-19% cost cutting within your ULD budget is achievable.

“What you use is what you pay” Through the implementation of an accounting and logistic system and detailed analysis, transparency of ULD management costs is provided to you.

Outsourcing ULD management reduces cash needed up front and provides predictable monthly cost. In addition, the transformation from fixed into variable cost gives you the chance to react to environmental changes.

It is our objective to make our business together profitable for both sides and build a strong relationship to your airlines.

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