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Smarter ULD Solutions
-White Paper from Unilode Aviation Solutions

We know that meeting passenger expectations and increasing cargo revenue in an uncertain global economy requires a strategic partner with the right solutions for your needs. We are that partner.

Our asset management, supply and repair services for unit load devices (ULDs), galley carts and ground support equipment will help you focus on your core business of flying passengers and cargo whilst delivering significant cost savings and operational benefits across your network. We do this by providing tailor-made outsourcing solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and enhance your operations.

button ULDs: part of our DNA

Unilode Aviation Solutions is the leading global provider of outsourced ULD management and ULD and inflight equipment repair solutions. We own and manage approximately 120,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a network of 450 airports and 50 repair and service centres.

Our name is new but our roots stretch back to the original ULD management pioneer, Unitpool, who introduced the ULD outsourcing concept to the aviation industry in 2002. After leading the way for nearly a decade, Unitpool merged with ULD and galley cart repair and maintenance specialists Driessen Services, JMI Aerospace and Airworld to become CHEP Aerospace Solutions in 2011.

Following its acquisition from parent company Brambles by EQT Infrastructure in 2016, CHEP Aerospace Solutions rebranded to become Unilode Aviation Solutions. Today, even our name stems from the term unit load device.

Our solutions
ULD management and supply – lower costs through customised outsourced ULD solutions that deliver scale and synergies allowing you to focus on your core business
ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair – guaranteed quality and lower service costs of airlineowned, non-flight-critical equipment

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Key facts

• 120,000+ ULDs owned and managed
• 420,000+ ULDs and galley carts serviced annually
• 35,000+ ULDs assembled in five years
• 50 certified repair centres, 30 of which are owned by Unilode
• 450+ airports served
• 24/7/365 global ULD management
• 580+ aviation professionals worldwide
• 25+ years of industry experience

Saving you time and money

Before finding an outsourcing solution to meet your needs, we identify and analyse pain points in your ULD and galley cart operations and provide you with insight into total cost of ownership (TCO) of your assets via our Lean Six Sigma processes. Our focus is to continually provide value for your business while saving you time and money in your operations.

Value-added solutions

Whether you’re looking to outsource your ULD management, reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions, gain access to the latest innovations, or remove the burden of repair and maintenance of ULDs and galley carts with guaranteed airworthiness and compliance, we can help you improve your business performance and deliver significant cost savings and operational benefits.

button ULD Management

Running a fleet of ULDs is often mission-critical, with the risk of unforeseen costs never far away. So we’ve made it our mission to help airlines reduce their ULD-driven costs across six key areas;

CAPEX and OPEX - capital and operating costs tied up in ULD operations
Maintenance and repair - uncertainty in costs and hassle in managing ongoing maintenance of ULD fleets to ensure airworthiness
Lost ULDs and pallet nets - administration effort in tracking missing assets and cost of replacements
Peaks and imbalances - costs for the variation in ULD demands at each network station
Fluctuating fuel price - traditional heavy ULDs generate excessive fuelburn and CO2 impact
Opportunity cost - foregone revenue of lost cargo sales due to ULD shortages

We work closely with you to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) clarity through an initial cost audit and analysis and then provide the right solution for your network, either through our ULD pool or a dedicated fleet.

We supply the right ULDs in an airworthy condition, in the right place and at the right time, every time. When you partner with Unilode Aviation Solutions, you benefit from a smarter ULD solution for your passenger and cargo network.

How Unilode’s ULD management works

• We buy the airline’s ULD fleet
• We jointly agree scalable and flexible ULD requirements
• We process ULD movement messages to track ULDs
• We manage ULD needs and monitor stock levels 24/7/365
• We repair ULDs across our network to industry and regulatory standards
• We report on contract performance
• We buy new ULDs for replacement and growth, including pallet nets
• We can secure a fast transition to lighter ULDs
• An all-inclusive fee per month per ULD is all you pay

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Benefits for your business

• Initial capital injection for selling your ULD fleet to Unilode
• No CAPEX and less OPEX - average OPEX savings of 15%
• Repair and maintenance included with assured airworthiness to certified industry standards
• Greater flexibility with scalable stocks accommodating immediate, peak and growth requirements
• Fuel and CO2 savings through lightweight ULDs and reduced ULD repositioning
• Hassle-free solution - 24/7/365 global support
• Extra revenue opportunities - the right ULD type at the right station at the right time

button Maintenance and Repair Solutions for ULDs and Galley Carts

We know that ensuring the ongoing airworthiness and compliance of multiple assets across a global network while reducing costs can be challenging. So whether you require repair services at a single station or internationally, we are the strategic partner you need.

We are the world’s leading aviation solutions specialist providing maintenance and repair services for unit load devices (ULDs) and galley carts across the world’s largest network of 50 certified service stations, 30 of which are owned by us.

Our solutions remove the burden and unnecessary costs of shipping damaged equipment back to your hub and increase space for revenue-generating cargo. We guarantee the quality and airworthiness of your assets and ensure that you gain accurate insight into the repair process.

Every year we complete over 420,000 maintenance and repair work orders for more than 50 MRO and 40 ULD management customers worldwide.

Our regional management teams, skilled technicians, strong OEM relationships for technical and spare parts support, and CAA, CAAS, CASA, EASA and FAA Part 145 certifications ensure quality, fast turnaround times and value for money.

We can also provide a tracking system for your galley carts, as part of our total repair and maintenance solutions offer. This proprietary tracking system is part of ACTIS, a unique software programme that runs on tablets as well and delivers total cost of ownership clarity including full visibility on parts usage and labour costs.

In addition to our core ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair solutions, we also offer;

• ULD assembly
• Ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance and repair
• Pallet net repair
• Aircraft seating maintenance
• Inflight entertainment upgrades
• Aircraft parts control and distribution

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Benefits for your business

• Lower overall costs for the repair and maintenance of your assets
• Guaranteed quality and airworthiness
• Fast turnaround times
• Less positioning of damaged ULDs
• Reduced fuel costs and CO2 emission by repairing at the point of damage
• Accurate insight to your total cost of ownership (TCO) via Unilode’s proprietary system ACTIS
• Increased flexibility in budgetary control with a maintenance programme tailored to your needs

button Future-Proof Innovation for the Aviation Industry

We pride ourselves on our innovative technology because it helps us keep your business one step ahead of the competition in terms of future-proof management, maintenance and repair services for ULDs and galley carts.

At Unilode we place great value on innovation and ensure that our customers gain access to the leading-edge ideas, technologies and processes that we deploy across our service offering worldwide.

New generation ULDs
Supporting our customers’ desire to generate fuel cost saving (around US$ 2,200 to 2,600/year/container position), we have converted our entire fleet of LD3 containers used by passenger airlines to lightweight units, which reduce carbon emission by around 30%, increase cargo capacity and revenue, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Visit unilode.com and insert your aircraft and ULD fleet data into our fuel saving calculator to find out how much you can save with our lightweight ULDs, including capital expenditure, as we take over the cost of converting your fleet to lightweight containers.

Unilode pic3

Focus - ULD management app

Our Focus app simplifies several paper-based ULD-related processes, saving time and money for airlines, ground handling agents and other key industry stakeholders. It liaises with web-based tools and is able to;
• read the ULD ID code via barcode scanning or optical character recognition
• record and transmit ULD messages in the standard IATA format
• submit stock data and ad-hoc track and trace requests
• provide up-to-date serviceability information including a photo of the ULD
• determine the location via geospatial data

ACTIS - tablet technology for MRO

Our proprietary web-based software ACTIS has been developed in-house and enhanced over more than 15 years to address our customers’ need for full visibility on the repair status of their assets. ACTIS generates real-time and historic reports, tracks galley carts, enables reduced turnaround times and improves asset utilisation by providing valuable insights into total cost of ownership (TCO).
It is also utilised to improve ULD and galley cart design by tracking damage trends and sharing statistics with the manufacturers.

CanTrackTM - 2015 IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award Winner

One of our most exciting innovations is the award-winning CanTrackTM, a GPRS tracking solution for ULDs, consisting of a solar panel and a customised power converter which are fitted onto the container and harness solar energy to charge the onboard batteries.

CanTrackTM provides accurate real-time information on temperature, humidity, impact and the location of the ULD and its cargo, enabling damage reduction, greater visibility and improved velocity through the supply chain. It also provides on-board safety improvements and value-added applications for high value and temperature-controlled goods, among other benefits.

Benefits for your business

• Gain access to innovation without using your own resources
• Save time and money across your business
• Increase environmental benefits
• Support corporate objectives
• Enhance customer satisfaction
• Improve operating efficiency
• Mitigate risk of investing into new products and technologies
• Leverage learnings and replicate innovative solutions across the business

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We look forward to finding out more about your business needs and showing you how we can deliver smarter solutions to you over the course of our relationship.

For more information on our complete ULD management solutions, or if you would like to know more about our ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair services, contact a member of our team today.

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