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European & Middle East Logistics Provider
- Wallenborn

Wallenborn differentiates itself from its competitors in terms of network product, quality and value providing state-of-the-art integrated trucking and handling solutions, with a special focus on air cargo, security and cold chain. Our products are unique in terms of scope, quality, transparency and customer dedication. Our procedures comply with Cargo 2000 and are certified according to GDP guidelines and TAPA TSR standards. Furthermore our 4PL services help airlines expand market share and increase yields in Europe.

Air Cargo by Wallenborn provides fast, effective and seamless multi-hub access to the entire European market, the world’s largest free trade zone. Our Air Cargo product offers you best in class standards of service, visibility and security with the most comprehensive scheduled RFS network connecting over 100 airports across the Continent. Having 12 offices at major air-cargo gateways including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Milan, Paris and Stockholm.

Secure by Wallenborn is designed specifically to protect HVTT (highly vulnerable theft targeted) cargo including high-tech, duty free, luxury and pharmaceutical products. Secure offers you precision, consistency and scalability, certified TAPA TSR levels 1, 2 & 3 which integrates policies, protocols and practises to provide client-specific secure land transport.

To maximise supply chain resilience and minimise risk, Wallenborn has developed active security solutions including a highly advanced fleet, remote locking and tracking devices as well as 24/ 7 “control tower” monitoring system and intervention. The implementation of these products, applications and processes - combined with rigorous screening, training and procedures – protects goods in transit and provides you with solutions balancing risk, flexibility and cost.

Temperature Controlled by Wallenborn is a new cold chain product. Being the first carrier in Luxembourg to be GDP certified in 2013, Wallenborn is compliant and consistent in the Supply Chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Temperature Controlled involves an investment in new and upgraded temperature controlled and mapped fleet ATP certified and with 24/7 temperature tracking and management. A new GDP based quality management system has been implemented with specific operational procedures to ensure healthcare products are delivered in perfect condition.

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