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Cargo Handling & Warehousing in Turkey, Germany, India & Hungary
- Çelebi Cargo Services

International standards in the provision of cargo and warehouse services by
Çelebi in Turkey, Hungary, Germany and India…

Çelebi provides reliable and secured cargo handling and warehouse management services in addition to successful ground handling services that it offers for more than half a century.

Çelebi serves over 300 airlines, handling over 230.000 turnaround flights and more than 800.000 tons of cargo per annum dispersed over a wide geographic area.

yellow square Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse Services

Fully equipped with all the machinery and equipment needed for the task at the highest levels of security and speed, Çelebi Ground Handling warehouse services comprises of:

Warehouse Services

• Cargo and Mail Handling
• General and special cargo handling (DGR, PER, VAL, AVI, VUN, HEA, AOG, LAR, etc.)
• Express cargo handling
• 24/7 acceptance/delivery of cargo
• Post office & Mail
• Strong Rooms
• Cool Dollies
• Irregularities handling
• Refrigerated storage
• Cargo Documentation & Messaging
• IGM/EGM Filing Services
• Pharma Logistics Center
• Support Services
• Preparation for E-freight compliance
• Ground Handling Integration
• Bonded trucking and offline handling
• Documentation services for Customs
• Weight checks & volumetric scanners
• BUP and ULD handling operations
• TSA compliant X-ray machines

Cargo Handling

• Ramp Handling
• Cargo Transportation
• Loading/Offloading
• General Cargo, Special Cargo & Mail

Innovative Customer Services

• Automation of cargo messaging from our software (RCF, NFD, AWB, DLV, RCS)
• Automated recording of cargo working processes
• Connection of cargo handling from FRA within central Europe via trucking
• Synergism with Cargo Stakeholders for the benefits of customers
• Integration of ground handling services with warehousing to reduce pickup and delivery times
• Coordination with forwarders and consignees to satisfy the end customer of the airline
• Flight Operations connected with Cargo to ensure the successful operations for off airport warehouse
• Faster Clearance for cargo coming from Air freight Stations/Road Feeder Services
• Domestic and International Cargo Synergism to gain time and resources efficiencies
• Customs Services facilitation (Budapest)
• Cool Dollies
• Pharma Centre
• Cargo Transshipment Center
• Customized airline solutions for documentation and supervision
• Innovative online CRM application between the Çelebi Cargo and the Customer
• Preparation for E-freight Compliance

Competitive Cost Structure & Innovative Services

• Attractive pricing structure suited to customer requirements
• Continuous improvement in customer services
• High tech capabilities sustain the manpower numbers thus contributing to cost efficiency
• One window integrated service warehouse and ground handling reduces handling times
• Customized approach with the airlines and their direct customers (forwarders, consignees) enhances competitive advantages due to innovation on range of services and resources as below:
- Roller bed truck service, BUP handling - Customized services such as export/imporrt express delivery to suit customer requirements
- Highly improved infrastructure and usagee of advanced battery operated equipment
- High level of automation including use oof Volumetric Scanners with 100% weight and volume check facility
- TSA compliant X-ray machines and ETDs foor highest level of security
- 100% CCTV coverage to ensure water tightt environment
- Road Feeder services to attract cargo frrom remote locations in conjunction with airport operator
- One stop Window Shop for all services

yellow square Çelebi Cargo & Warehouse - Turkey

Ataturk Airport

• 2 bonded warehouses and a covered palletizing operations area with a    total of 10,800 sq.m.(Import and Export WH and T12 WH for palletizing).
• With new constructions in progress, the total of the Import, Export    warehouses and new palletizing facility will be 11,400 sq. m. in 2015.
• 100,000 tons/year of warehousing capacity
• Ground & Cargo Handling services at 31 stations in Turkey
• 45 customers: EY, SQ, EK, SV, KC, OZ, IA, AZ, J2, AZQ and many more…

Çelebi Ground Handling is present today at all major airport in Turkey providing services to more than 300 customers. It is an established market leader for ground handling and cargo, providing ramp, passenger, load control and communications, executive aviation & Platinum services, cargo and mail handling and warehouse operations, in the most reliable and efficient way for more than half a century.
Celebi Turkey img

yellow square Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary Ltd.

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

• 2 on and 1 off airport located warehouses
• 9,000 sq.m.closed area
• 80.000 tons/year capacity
• 34 customers: A3, EI, BT,
AB, AFKLM, AZ, OS, BA, SN, CV, LY, FX, Jet2, LH, Norwegian, QR, Swiss, TAP, TNT, Travel Service, THY, UPS and many more…
Celebi Hungary img

Best Global Cargo Audit Score, 2013

Çelebi took an important step within the framework of its strategy of pursuing international growth by taking over the ground handling services contract for Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport since 2006, thereby forming “Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary Ltd”. The Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is located in the heart of Eastern Europe and it has been one of the fastest-growing airports in the European Union in the past decade.

Çelebi Hungary has achieved a market leader position in both ground handling and cargo services, serving a diversified portfolio from various industry sectors such as low cost carriers, charters and full service carriers.
Çelebi regularly provides cargo handling also to a wide range of charter freighters with aircraft types, which varies from Cessna types to An-124.

yellow square Çelebi Cargo GmbH. - Germany

Frankfurt Airport

• 35,000 sq.m. closed area
• 350,000 tons/year capacity
• 25 customers: UA/CO, THY, LATAM, FeDex, ET,
UL, DHL, SV, QR, TAP. El AL, JAT and many more…
Celebi Germany img

Çelebi Cargo in Frankfurt was first introduced in the beginning of 2011 with a fresh and unique approach to cargo handling, branded as “Living Technology”. Çelebi developed is proud of its esteemed airline customers with who excellent relationships have been developed.

Çelebi has acquired AviaPartner Frankfurt warehouse in 2014. With this achievement, Çelebi has gained direct apron access and has enhanced its market share significantly.

The core focus of the company is on the automation of products and reporting to the furthest possible extent, and at the same time still keeping absolute flexibility to address the unique customer needs. Çelebi Cargo has also enhanced its services offered to introduce trucking and offline handling distribution, and it also engages directly in flight operations for several of its existing customers.

Our strategy is to expand the product offering to cover all hub related activities, focus on special handling and development of cargo warehouses at other hubs, where it is strategically viable to create additional opportunities to our customers and expand the brand known for service excellence.

yellow square Çelebi Delhi Cargo Management India Pvt. Ltd. - New Delhi

New Delhi IGI Airport

• 77,000 sq. m. closed area
• Quality management system (QMS) which has been awarded ISO    9001:2008 certification.
• Pharma Center
• Domestic Terminal
• 54 customers: LH, BA, QR, EK, CX, EY, MAS, SV and many more…
Celebi India img

The Best International Cargo Ground Handler

Green Logistics Service Provider

Air Cargo Terminal Operator of the year

In 2009, “Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Private Ltd.”, acquired the Cargo Operations Concession Agreement at Delhi Airport (DEL) for a period of 25 years. Çelebi took over the cargo handling for over 54 airlines operating in Delhi Airport (DEL) in a 77.000 sq. m. facility which required a major renovation, completed by end of 2013.

Çelebi Cargo Delhi has recently achieved the feat of being recognized by both IATA India and DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) as the only CTO (Cargo Terminal Operator) in Delhi Airport and one of a very few airports worldwide to be compliant with IATA driven E-Freight initiative.

With the completion of renovation and construction by 2012, all cargo handling processes were re-designed to better address the customers’ requirements by assigning dedicated personnel, enhancing training, establishing strict security mechanism and thus steering the cargo management and operations to a successful cargo handling unit. The scope of operations has also been expanded to include the handling of both international and domestic cargo under one roof.

yellow square Contact Details

Mr. Duygu Sancar Ay
Pazarlama Analisti
Marketing Analyst

T: 0216 666 66 00/6203
F: 0216 666 66 35
C: +9 0533 961 27 25



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