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Aircraft Leasing & Air Cargo Charter
- Rus Aviation, Sharjah

Chairman Saleh Al Around spells out the secret of RUS Aviation’s success

We are committed to translating our values into reality 2 3 “Customers come first” is the thumb rule me and my well experienced team believe in and follow on daily basis. At Rus Aviation, we never hesitate to go to any length to deliver our promises to our customers, whom we pride ourselves for winning their complete trust. The world of Air Cargo, where time and delivery are all-important, is a high-pressure industry. You have to always be available for customers, no matter of the size of cargo, or the destination required.

We have successfully balanced top-quality services with unmatched prompt delivery and therefore we are regarded as a reliable and cost-effective air cargo solution provider within the Middle East today, and due to the large experience we have gained over the years within the industry, our clients and partners have come to rely on our tailor-made and effective solutions.

We consider our team of professionals as the true asset of RUS Aviation. People have grown with us over the past decade and they have lived our values that we strive to translate into facts.

Unmatched Services

From air cargo charter to scheduled cargo flights to cargo acceptance and clearing, you name it, Rus Aviation will provide it. When it comes to air cargo solutions, the company has earned the trust of its clients as a comprehensive service provider in the following:

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yellow arrow Air Freight on Scheduled Flights
yellow arrow Cargo Consolidation Services
yellow arrow Aircraft Leasing

yellow square Air Cargo Charter

RUS Aviation is able to provide and operate various types of freighters depending on the customer’s requirements. Due to its commitment to maintain on-time performance, quick hassle-free delivery and cost-effective solutions Rus Aviation has become a trusted and reliable air cargo charter operator.

We have constant accessibility to Western palletized freighters allowing time efficiency and fast turnaround to bulk loading freighters that are fitted with built-in high capacity cranes allowing smooth handling of out-sized cargo and self-handling at short airstrips. Pressurized and Non-Pressurized cargo compartments allow transportation of livestock, medical supplies, temperature controlled cargo and perishables.

Apart from general cargo it is always ready to deliver heavy and outsize cargo, oil and gas equipment, humanitarian relief and governmental cargo, dangerous goods and valuable cargo.

RUS Aviation is professional in managing Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations by urgent delivery of spares and required equipment. The operational support of RUS Aviation flights is provided by the Flight Operations team, consisting of licensed, well-qualified and experienced personnel. The team provides all kinds of clearances, flight planning and up-to-date NOTAMs and weather reports to its crew 24/7, constantly tracking our aircraft and your cargo.

As it does its own complete flight support through its systemized flight operations team, Rus Aviation is able to easily procure necessary traffic rights on short notice requests, helping to meet the most stringent deadlines.

yellow square Air Freight on Scheduled Flights

RUS Aviation specializes in providing customized cargo solutions to different types of clients from international freight forwarders, to shippers, logistic providers, governments and humanitarian relief organizations. In short, it has answers to all challenges.

Starting from the year 2005 RUS Aviation, through its subsidiary, began operating scheduled cargo flights to CIS countries. From 2008, it expanded its operation further into Africa, and from the year 2009, it branched out to various destinations in the Middle East, Asia, and China.

RUS Aviation has signed a number of interline agreements with prestigious international airlines and leading air cargo operators allowing it to offer a wider range of global services.

From Europe to China, CIS countries, India and USA, it has developed an enviable network of agents and offices worldwide. In 2011,
Rus Aviation opened its own office in Houston, US.

Today, Rus Aviation offers complete intermodal transport solutions for smaller, mid-sized, and larger cargo volumes, and ensures vital link to all its clients.

yellow square Cargo Consolidation Services

Rus Aviation provides a wide range of specialized services in connection with airfreight products. The company’s value added services are carefully designed to meet customer’s diverse requests.

Cargo acceptance, handling & warehousing
Rus Aviation runs a 2,000 m2 fully equipped and highly secured warehouse at Sharjah International Airport Cargo Terminal 3 with direct access to the ramp. It is managed by an expert ground operation team that works round the clock to ensure smooth acceptance and handling of all types of goods, including High Valuable Cargo, Dangerous Goods, Temperature Controlled and Perishable cargo.

Our Warehousing services include :
- Cargo loading and unloading
- Cargo labeling and packing
- Short and long term storage

Customs Clearance
When it comes to customs clearance, RUS Aviation’s team of experts handles all kinds of paperwork and documentation for all types of cargo to save our customer’s time and efforts.
The company possesses vast knowledge in local specifications, conditions and regulations, fostered by many years of experience, and hence, provides top-notch solutions through integrated services that match clients’ needs.

Pick-up & delivery Options
RUS Aviation provides door pick-up and delivery to the airport of origin and trucking of cargo to the consignee at destination either through ur own office or through our agents at global destinations.

- Door to airport (pickup cargo from shipper, trucking, clearance and documentation)
- Airport to door (airfreight, clearance and delivery to consignee)
- Door to door

On-line booking
RUS Aviation’s customers have around the clock access to an online booking system, enabling them to be updated on the status of their shipments at any time of the day, providing a transparent transportation chain.

yellow square Aircraft Leasing

RUS Aviation offers a wide scope of options for customers looking for an aircraft lease on short or long-term basis. Having access to different types of freighters, Rus Aviation team is always ready to cater to customers’ needs and to provide the most up to date availability.

Having built a solid reputation as a reliable cargo aircraft operator, it has recently acquired two Airbuses A300-600F, as part of a multi-million dollar fleet rollover programme. These aircraft are ready for charter on ad-hoc requests and for leasing purposes.

RUS Aviation answers most of customers leasing needs, and it provides
- ACMI - Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & IInsurance
- Wet Lease
- Dry Lease

In short, whatever is the need, Rus Aviation is always ready to deliver, while advising customers on the best solutions that suit their requirements.

  RUS Aviation

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